Our expedition ends and the Himalayas continue to change
2014-11-11, Muktinath (3800m)

The day before yesterday we found our way out of Mustang, which marked the end of this year’s Trail of Change expedition. We have around 25 days of trekking behind us and we are looking forward to enjoying the more comfortable parts of life again.

However, right now is not the time for a long conclusion about the project, the field trips, or our opinions about the fundamental changes in this fascinating part of the earth. We need to digest the diverse impressions of these last weeks and take into consideration our experience of last year’s expedition.

Once again it was a great experience and the topic is of so much interest that we hope to be able to keep on working on it. Especially the interesting and trustworthy talks with locals and the varying and often ambivalent opinions brought us closer to the Nepali people than ever before.

At the moment we are working on the last video dispatch which we hope to be able to send from Jomsom in two or three days. We also hope you had fun while following us on our trail and found it as interesting as we did. Stay tuned for our final thoughts and upcoming projects.