Tal to Koto
2013-08-21, Koto (2528m)

Today was the longest and hardest day so far. We climbed a total of 1420m from Tal (1800m) to Koto (2500m). Koto is the junction point of Masyandi-khola and the Nar-Phu-khola.



Today our kitchen arrived and we finally met our whole crew: 11 donkeys and 12 porters, including staff and the three sherpas Dawa, Pemba, Lakpa. We are quite the freight train, carrying three expedition boxes, two camera and photo boxes, and eight duffle bags.


Now we are getting higher. 2500m means no more tropical vegitation but conifers and a dryer, colder climate. We are happy and are enjoing the view on big, steep limestome walls around Koto.




One thought on “Tal to Koto

  1. anna says:

    Wie hannes es auch immer schafft, den trendigsten hut der saison ausfindig zu machen, ist mir ein raetsel!;)

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