Stellungnahme zu Nord-Pakistan
2013-06-26, Basecamp Göttingen (150m)

Für das kommende Jahr ist eine Trail of Change-Expedition in die Region geplant, die in den letzten Tagen durch schlimme Nachrichten durch die Medien gegangen ist. Nachdem ich von den Mordanschlägen auf eine internationale Bergsteigergruppe am Nanga Parbat gehört habe, habe ich versucht, mir in den Letzten Tagen ein eigenes Bild von den Vorfällen zu machen.Ich habe jetzt endlich mit meinem Freund und Partner Iqbal gesprochen, der auch schon der Süddeutschen Zeitung für den oben stehenden Artikel vom 24. Juni als Quelle zur Verfügung stand. Folgend zitiere ich seine E-Mail an mich von heute Nacht:

It was most serious cases been in the history of Gilgit Baltistan, our all the nation especially Gilgit Baltistan people have been shocked because of this coward kind of terrorist. Our local people are used to have very friendly and warmest hospitality with tourist, whether we are dependent 80% earning resource through tourism, if tourism stopped than what can we do because our area are completely mountain area, and we are so far from other cities of Pakistan. Now our government and with all the security agencies are taking strongly action against that terrorist, and some of reliable resources said that few terrorist have been caught. We hope our government will be success to catch them, and they would completely cut their network for ever, and never will happen like this case in the future.

Right now government are giving special security to the tourist with all the possible manners, and recently my one expedition have been gone to Skardu to Askoli, and the second expedition is going this morning for Skardu around 04: am through KKH.I myself is going with this group, because I want to know the real situation, I must let you know whole real situation with photos, when I come back from Askoli.

I have forwarded to you of our PATO,(Pakistan association of tour operators) daily meeting and activities for this brutal case ,our president met all the top level government officials about this issues, and finally government wrote a letter as advise to PATO,so please read it clearly.

Once again thanks for inform me, I appreciate you if you forward to all of your friends this news.

Please take care, and have a healthy life.


Da ich die Baltis, aber auch die Lokale Bevölkerung im Nanga Parbat-Gebiet und ihre Gastfreundschaft sowie ihr Verantwortungsbewusstsein gegenüber Touristen von meinem zweieinhalb monatigen Aufenhalt im Jahr 2006 kenne, habe ich tiefes Vertrauen und werde zusammen mit Iqbal weiter an der Planung der vierten Trail of Change-Expedition im Sommer nächsten Jahres planen.

Auch die lokale Bevölkerung und die staatlichen Autoritäten stellen sich gemeinsam gegen den feigen Mordanschlag angereister Fundamentalisten am Nanga Parbat (Foto von Pamir Times @ Gilgit City, gestern).


Abschließend die Stellungsnahme des Präsidenten der Pakistan Association of Tour Operators:

As we all are shocked and devastated by the unfortunate incident at the Base Camp of Nanga Parbat West Face (Diamir Face) where ten innocent mountaineers and a local expedition cook lost their precious lives. Through this note we offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Our association is equally sharing the grief with the bereaved families. We offer sympathies and pray that may the departed souls rest in the eternal peace. May the Almighty give strength to bear the irreparable loss!

Dear member, as you all know the office bearers of your association in constant contact with the authorities to make the destination safe so that those who are already in the mountains and those who are planning to visit in next days/weeks feel secure. The federal and provincial authorities have given assurance that they will provide all necessary assistance including enhanced security for the foreign visitors and provide special fights between Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan. The newly elected government has announced to formulate a policy at the pattern of the homeland security of the United States of America.
The government is very serious to take maximum security measures, therefore, we don’t see any reason for your respectable agents/clients to cancel the planned trips to Pakistan specially Gilgit Baltistan Province. Government of Gilgit Baltistan has issued a notification to keep all regions open for the tourism activities except the area where the sad incident took place. We feel that the government will fulfill its responsibility and give maximum security to the foreign tourists.