Snow, altitude and progress
2014-10-26, Yak Kharka (4095m)

We are on the way up. Friday was spent working and doing a nice 6h acclimatisation climb from Manang (3550m) up a crumbling moraine ridge to a snowy plateau at around 4200m.

Here we had a fantastic panoramic view of Lake Tilicho and the Grande BarriËre, down the Marsyandi Khola and up the Thorong Khola in the direction of the pass. It was a huge relief to find out that the main route is mostly free of snow, and even the slopes above are already clean and don’t pose an avalanche thread anymore.

After a good night sleep we ascended from Manang to Yak Kharka (4100m) this morning. Today didn’t start off too well with Hannes suffering from light acclimatisation headaches and the sky darkening from lunchtime onwards, which resulted in some light snowfall.  Luckily both problems seem to be minor ones, as Hannes is already feeling better and the snowfall has made space for blue skies and a clear view of the summit.

Tomorrow we plan to head up to Thorong La High Camp at around 4800m. At night we will then cross the pass and go down to Muktinath (3800m), which means entering the area of the climbing part of the expedition. As we have heard another expedition to Tukche Peak was cancelled due to heavy snow we’re excited to see what we can do. Stay tuned.

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