Rock bottom and back
2014-11-03, Ghemi (3571m)

To be honest, the last days sucked. Can you imagine planning for a mountaineering expedition, dreaming of a bright snowy landscape, camplife, only you and your buddies, and then suddenly your plans have to change altogether?

We have three hard days behind us. The first day we still regretted the decision to cancel the expedition part, because the weather wasn’t as bad as expected.
The second day the weather turned terrible and we had no possibility to make any interesting pictures because of next to no light. On day three, our new Nepali “trekking crew” ended up to be (with one or two exceptions) a complete bunch of rookies with no experience and no idea what we were up to. After some serious words from Hannes the crew slowly understood that we have other plans than following the classic tourist programme called lodge trekking. It’s never nice however to be in a situation like that and it has definitely left its marks on the overall energy among the group.


Anyway, all changed for the better today: Firstly the weather is nice again and we were able to take some great shots again. Secondly we had the first real outdoor campsite (not in the garden by a lodge) and last but not least, we were able to observe some rapid change in the region, which also confirmed to us again that we made the right decision to come here.

Nils and Hannes were quite overhelmed when they noticed that all major villages are now connected by jeep roads and even have public bus transport. The tourist numbers must have increased by hundreds of percents, as we met other groups nearly every twenty minutes. Five years ago we met one couple and one single tourist in ten days.

It took us a little moment to digest this, but we are optimistic again to finish the Trail of Change in a fitting way. We keep on walking. Stay tuned and make it a goal to once in your lifetime come and visit this beautiful region of Nepal!