Preparing in rain…
2013-09-03, Naguru Virgin Peaks Base Camp (5065m)

Just as we established our first serious high camp the monsoon hit us in full force. Our camp was in a mixture of fog and rain the entire day. Even at an altitude of 5065m the temperature at night did not go below 8°C.

The temporary snow line is at around 6100m. We don’t give a damn – tomorrow morning we start for our first summit attempt. Lars and Patty went up to 5800m this morning to try to get a good luck at the glacier tongues. Stay tuned for results!


In the short minutes without fog or rain, Lars and Fabi explored nearby boulders. Wether bouldering at 5000m is a good idea or not is another question…


This picture drawn by Hannes shows Fabi, Nils and Jonas in the base camp tent, making the best out of the weather.

4 thoughts on “Preparing in rain…

  1. Pfeffi says:

    Wish you all the best my brave Friends in the Mountains. I’ll send you some Sun. The First Beer on my Birthday Party on saturday will be for you.

  2. Anna says:

    hello you all! anna and naoko send you many greetings from göttingen. we wish you good luck for the ascent; sure you will manage!
    the künkel-girls at home sent a request for a photo of a beloved daddy and a brave husband. thank you! much love!

  3. Liane says:

    felsen sind zum bouldern da, egal in welcher höhe.
    wäre schön, wenn der photograph sich zur abwechslung auch mal vor die kamera stellen würde. aber dank hannes` exzellenter zeichnung, sieht man immerhin, dass er noch ganz der alte ist. 🙂

    viel glück und erfolg beim aufstieg euch allen.

  4. HG says:

    Wegen des Fotografen kann ich Liane nur zustimmen! Und passt auf, dass euch da oben der Himmel nicht auf den Kopf fällt! Weiterhin alles Gute für die zweite Hälfte des Trail.

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