Basecamp Göttingen (150m)
VAUDE, an outspokenly committed green and social company, fits well to the basic idea of the project.The modern family-run company stands for a respectful contact of man and nature. As a pioneer of the branch of trade VAUDE set off to become Europe’s most sustainable outdoor supplier up to 2015. The best conditions to share the Trail of Change!


On the Trail of Change we need reliable and believable partners. SYMPATEX not just guarantees the necessary performance, but as an ecological alternative among the producers of function wear is interested in a conscious and sustainable encounter of nature. SYMPATEX membranes are 100% recyclable and PTFE-free, just “guaranteed green”!


GoalZero enables the Third-Pole-Expedition to run a location-independent and green energy supply by means of portable solar appliances.

As a shoe specialist for all climate zones Scarpa cooperates with Third Pole for all expeditions, consequently on the Trail of Change, too.

Zarges produces top-notch expedition boxes made of aluminium and is a cooperation partner for all Third Pole productions.