Off to Bhule Bhule…
2013-08-16, Kathmandu, Nepal (1285m)

After being in the air or on the floor of Abu Dhabi airport for 24 hours, we finally arrived in Nepal and are currently staying at beautiful Haus Namaste.
Everything went well, the flights were on time. So is the rain in the Nepalese monsoon. The flood gates open every evening and it cools off notably. We were glad to hear that our local friends expect this year’s monsoon season to be over soon, as it has started quite early this year. Hence we hope it stays dry until late afternoon, so that we won’t have to sleep in soaking wet tents throughout the first week of trekking.

We spent the first day shopping at Thamel and filming at Swayambunath. Kathmandu is pretty relaxed during the off-season. We are as well, but we’re going to get busy after tomorrow, when we will be enjoying a seven-hour bus ride to Bhule Bhule, the entry point of the famous Annapurna Circuit – and the starting point of this year’s first Trail of Change expedition!












One thought on “Off to Bhule Bhule…

  1. Dr. Joachim Künkel says:

    it feels good to remember all these place at kathmandou. Good luck and even better weather! Achim

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