Men in mystic medieval mountains
2014-11-05, Tsarang (3579m)

29°north. This time we won’t get any closer to the Tibetan boarder. Tsarang, a magic village, the former capital and residence of the Raja of Lho. A medieval place. A magic spirit is ruling over the village in this dried out canyon. The orange, white and red monastery and its old palace fit perfectly into the astonishing landscape.

We’re staying in the same lodge as we did five years ago. I just discovered the sticker of our former project “himalways”, already strongly weathered by the smoke and dust in the kitchen without a chimney.

It’s amazing to see what has changed and what has remained the same over the years. Now there’s electricity and we can work on our laptops. The main goods are delivered by jeeps and not by caravans anymore. But the stove that is keeping us warm is still heated with yak dung. Everything seems to be busier here nowadays, but on the other hand you still have the feeling of being in one of the last places at the end of the world.

The last days we managed to do a lot of filming and photography work for our partners. It was pretty hard to transfer storyboards and pictures that were planned for snowy conditions into a desert context. The wind, the sun and the cold have already carved our skin. We’ve been walking continuously for about three weeks now. It has been hard but it is what we live for and we are happy to be here. The only thing that is slightly annoying is that we’re having difficulties finding water for campsites and with convincing our Nepali team to give us a chance to stay away from the villages…but we’re managing that as good as possible.