Leaving Nepal
2013-10-14, Kathmandu, Nepal (1285m)

Today is the day, we’re going home! After nine very intense weeks it feels quite strange to leave this rapidly changing country. What will have changed when we come back next time? We will see…


During the last nine weeks we witnessed an incredible development even in some very remote areas. Glaciers are retreating and new schools are being built everywhere. We saw roads and bridges under construction, we saw motorcycles in high mountain villages at 3800m. Many traditional villages are now connected to electricity thanks to small hydropowerstations and we also saw huge hydropowerstation construction sites which are changing complete mountain valleys forever.

Trekking and expedition tourism seems to be the future in many mountain villages, and Western lifestyle is the present in the cities. Nepal simply fascinates us for all these reasons! It is one of the most diverse countries we’ve been to. In contrast to the human induced change, the mountains, where our heart is, still showed us nature’s mightiness and we enjoyed a great time of exploration, trekking and climbing!

In three hours we’ll be sitting in the plane back to Germany. Surely we will take some of the Nepalese spirit with us and stay grateful for the experience the “Trail of Change” was. Still, the project is not finished yet – we will come back next year!