2013-10-11, Kathmandu, Nepal (1285m)

Finally back in the city! We finished our project successfully and we are happy to be back noisy and dirty Kathmandu yesterday. The last four days of trekking were some of the hardest we ever had. Each day we hiked around 30 kilometers down Buri Gandaki valley, which is tough after two months of trekking.



Both of us suffered from minor to major knee problems and lost another one or two kilos. Now the plan is to gain them back as quickly as possible by eating and drinking all the nice things we couldn’t enjoy during the past nine weeks.



Today we will shave our beards in one of the city’s many barbershops, after finishing some of our expedition food left-overs for lunch (the freeze-dried stuff) on the roof terrace. Tonight THIRD POLE will go to THIRD EYE, Kathmandu’s famous Vietnamese restaurant, where we will meet the Austrians to celebrate our successful expedition to Manaslu. After that the night is supposed to be long and tomorrow morning will probably not be the most enjoyable one…



One thought on “K-K-K-Kathmandu!

  1. Dr. Joachim Künkel says:

    Schön dass Ihr wieder unten seid; Ich denke an ein Kirchenlied: Nun danket alle Gott mit Herzen Mund und Händen.. .. Anyway,
    Und Danke für die Bilder und all die schönen Verweise auf Vaude und Sympathex, Bergführer usw.
    einen guten Heimflug !!
    Achim Kü

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