First day on the trek
2013-08-19, Ghermu Phant (1176m)

After Hannes’ briefing at the Ministry of Tourism – yeah, it’s a real expedition peak this time! – we left Kathmandu and arrived late at rainy wet soaking Bhule Bhule, the starting point of Nepal’s famous Annapurna Trek.

Road construction Ngadi (900m)

Hannes, who has been trekking the Annapurna Trail in 2007 and 2009 for the last time, was shocked by the obvious forms of change he could even recognize at night. The construction at a big chinese-managed hydropower station just below Bhule Bhule and the water tunnels leading to it is in full progress. The Chinese-Nepali cooperation destroyed almost all of the old trekking route, causing damage to environment and the local culture. Some of Hannes’ famous spots, which he described in his phd-thesis, have been gone for good.

Construction site of the hydropower plant near Ngadi (900m)

Anyways, if you go one minute besides the oil-spilled muddy truck road, old Nepal is still there. It was our romantic trekkers’ view that was shocked, but of course we also can see the always growing population and their need for energy. It’s only logical that they use nature’s resources to meet their needs. We hope Nepali people will benefit from what they are doing. Future will tell…

Discussing at Bhule Bhule (820m)

Lars, Patty and Pemba on the trek (1000m)