Down in the dust
2014-11-07, Samar (3624m)

The focus rings of our camera lenses are scratching like a late 80s Hip Hop DJ. As already mentioned we did not make it much further north than Tsarang, the former capital of Lho (Upper Mustang). Around Tsarang we focused on shooting and photographing products of our partners. For that we built up a campsite where our big Base Camp tent was almost blown away by heavy winds. 

Luckily we could dismantle the camp safely and move back to Tsarang. Today we went deep into a canyon searching for an ancient meditation cave. It was a mystic place worth every step. A detour of some fivehundred meters in altitude provided spectacular views.

Tomorrow we reach the main trekking route and will deal with the topic of change again. Then we have two days left in this Tibetan culture heritage. We are excited because we still don’t know how we will finish the expedition. Even after we left the region will continue to change rapidly and it will never be the same again, which makes every day even more interesting.