BREAKING NEWS: Weather conditions change itinerary
2014-10-30, Jomsom (2755m)

Jomsom is the local logistic center in the Upper Takh Khola (Kali Gandaki Valley). It has a small airport and most of the trekkers fly from here back down to Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Yesterday we met our cook and kitchen staff for the expedition part far away from lodge infrastructure. They came by bus from Kathmandu and brought another six #ZARGES Boxes with expedition and filming gear for our Tukuche Peak (6980M) attempt with them.
This morning we should have started a two day ascent from here to the 5100m high Tukuche Peak Base Camp in Hidden Valley.

But now everything had to be changed.

The last days on the trek we already had doubts concerning reaching Hidden Valley via the 5200m high Dhampus Pass with donkeys because they will not get through the snow which still lays above 4000m.

Yesterday we got a formal warning from the Nepalese Mountaineering and Trekking Association and the Indian Weather Service: Another big cyclone is coming in one or two days bringing more snow with it.

All mountain expeditions as well as high trekkings were recommended to be cancelled. We received a confirmed report that another Tukuche Peak Expedition had to be flown out of Hidden Valley by helicopters. All Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekkings (who are passing Hidden valley on their route) have been cancelled as well. There is nothing but huge amounts of snow in the high valley.

So we have no choice but to cancel our plans and reorganize our destinations and routes for the next ten to twelve days.
We have to say good bye to the dream of skiing and boarding some himalayan snow. The chance to reach any summit above 5500m is minimal as well.
Instead we will put an even stronger focus on documenting the change in the region.

Tomorrow we will let you know what we could arrange from here. Regardless, we can promise one thing though: We will definitely leave the main Annapurna Trek and try to explore more remote places close to the Tibetan border.

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