Bhule Bhule to Tal
2013-08-20, Tal (1670m)

We had surprisingly good weather today, no rain at all – and it’s still monsoon time! Unfortunately our satellite modem doesn’t seem to get any signal while we’re deep down in the Masyandi-gorge. We hope we’ll be up far enough to get some reception soon. Fingers crossed!


The second day on the trek is always one of the toughest. Although the trek was easy to moderate, we still climbed a total of 1250 meters and managed to get the first blisters.


Change was everywhere again. Most notably: a new road goes up the Masyandi-gorge. As long as you walk along the partly still usable old trail you almost feel the spirit of the old Annapurna Trek. You see fewer tourists and more local people spending time harvesting. However, the road is not ready for real use due to a huge landslide that was caused by heavy monsoon rain. Nevertheless, the new road creates a completey new feeling for the Annapurna Trek, as the Masyandi-gorge doesn’t nearly feel as remote as it used to.


We’re glad we have another goal for our expedition then running around Annapurna. We will soon be leaving the Annapurna Trek. We already know one thing: There’s going to be tons of new snow where we’ll be going…


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  1. Liane says:

    Great pictures! Hugs for the photographer and best wishes for all of the group. In boring old Germany we´re excited and amazed about every news we get!

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