Arrival at Manaslu base camp
2013-09-16, Manaslu Base Camp (4930m)

Meeting the Clearskies expedition at Samagaon on the afternoon of September 13th was no problem. They were already preparing the loads for the transport up to base camp in one of the many new lodges recently built in Samagaon. The whole village is involved in tourism, either constructing new lodges or organizing the transport of the expedition loads up to base camp which involves women and men aged between 15 and 50.


After the strenous day at Larke La some days ago the ascent of more than 1400m again to base camp at 4930m next to the glacier was a tough one for us. Nevertheless the Austrian mountaineers found a really nice spot a little remote and hidden from the trouble of all the other expeditions. The only disadvantage was that we had to build platforms for our tents which was really exhausting after a hard day’s climb up to 4930m with around 50% of the oxygen you have at sea level.

Today we had time to build up our THIRD POLE base camp office with our own film production and storage tent next to our sleeping tents. Right now we are preparing a new video dispatch with beautiful pictures from base camp which will be released within the next days.


Hannes is contemplating on how far he will join the Austrian mountaineering team on mountain, but his focus lies within all of our media productions and returning home safely. Although three weeks is a long time and the way up the first high camps does not seem to be too difficult, we will definitely not push too hard for anything.

The weather seems to be pretty stable at the moment and the conditions on the mountain are quite good. Let’s hope it stays that way.

One thought on “Arrival at Manaslu base camp

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Dear Hannes, dear Nils,

    Congratulations to your successful trip so far as well as to the really professional documentation/presentation on the web!

    And all the best for your excursions up the slopes of Mount Manaslu – a really exciting environment.

    When do you plan to be back in KTM?
    Is there an option to meet there between Oct. 7th and 9th?

    We will start for our trip to Mustang and Saribung Peak with a subsequent exploration of the north side of Chulu East on October 9th and it would be very interesting for us to hear the details of your experiences in that area before our departure.

    Best regards from Vienna,

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