Arrival in Kathmandu
2014-10-14, Kathmandu (1285m)

Hi everyone! We arrived safely in Kathmandu this morning, although at times our pilot was not sure whether we could land or not due to very bad weather. For a brief moment we thought we might have to endure another stop in India, but fortunately the clouds cleared for a brief moment so we landed in Kathmandu eventually.

Unexpectedly and unfortunately we seem to be in the middle of a short bad weather period. It has been pouring down for two days and it looks like it’ll continue to do so until tomorrow. Let’s hope for a long sunny period afterwards so we can enjoy the beautiful Annapurna Circuit once again.


Right now we are trying to get some rest before getting busy with packing all of our equipment into the many different expedition boxes tomorrow. Only a portion of a total of more than 250kg worth of equipment will be brought with us during the first two weeks of trekking. The rest will be transported directly to the village of Marpha, where our ascent to Tukuche Peak (6920m) will begin in around two weeks time. The day after tomorrow we will be enjoying a seven-hour bus ride to the entry point of the Annapurna Circuit, the village of Bhule Bhule.

We’re very happy that the second part of our Trail of Change expedition has finally begun and we are looking forward to sending you another update tomorrow, showing you some of the packing and sorting madness yet to come.

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  1. Sandra Zafar says:

    Greetings to Bhule Bhule!

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