Basecamp Göttingen (150m)


For ten years Nils and Hannes have been regularly travelling the Himalayas, professionally and on a private basis. Throughout the years Hannes as a high mountains researcher apart from his dissertation has been doing intensive research on High Asia projects. For many projects Nils has accompanied him mainly as a cameraman. In all those years both of them had a first hand chance to watch the breathtaking processes of change in nature and society in that region.

Climate change is an eminent cause. But in states in the Himalayas as Nepal, Bhutan or Pakistan a lot more than just the direct consequences of global warming like receding glaciers or the increasing danger of natural catastrophes can be observed. Socio-economic processes like logistics problems or migration movements are important forms of change as well.

Apart from the climate-induced changes the Himalayas are affected by the constantly increasing globalization. This implies intensely increasing as well as decreasing tourism, giving up traditional economic branches like yak alpine pasture farming and caravan trade, secularization, access to education and electricity, new traffic infrastructure. Change in the Himalayas is ubiquitous and unbelievably versatile.


Hannes, Nils and the other employees of Third Pole frequently work in the mountains and closely experience those massive changes. Some represent great risks, others disclose new perspectives. We love the Himalayas, the trekking and the mountaineering, thus accordingly we like to grapple with that region.

For us it is high time to address the change of the Himalayas with a new perspective and approach.

We are tired of reports focused on athletic records only, not to speak of the continually renewed records. That is why we decided to develop a project like the “Trail of Change”, which on the one hand deals with change in the Himalayas, on the other hand enables us to pursue our passion of mountaineering and trekking, filming and photographing. The “Trail of Change” combines the poles of research, mountaineering and the media.

We would like to invite everybody interested in nature oo mountaineering to follow us on our virtual expedition. We are glad to open the “Trail of Change” for a shared first ascent!


The “Trail of Change” is not a single expedition. On the contrary, it is being created by connecting several journeys and expeditions within the next years. You can find more information on upcoming projects in the trailofchange.com/expeditions section.
The first expedition in 2013 will lead us close to the famous 8000m peaks Annapurna and Manaslu.


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