Dispatch #4: Change in Upper Mustang

A few days ago we met Tenjin Thakuri, a local lodge owner from the oldest lodge in Kagbeni, the Red House Lodge, at the lower end of Upper Mustang. We asked him about the changes in his home region and how the new road affects his life. Watch this year’s last video dispatch to find out his point of view on a matter that is relevant to all of rural Nepal.

Our expedition ends and the Himalayas continue to change

The day before yesterday we found our way out of Mustang, which marked the end of this year’s Trail of Change expedition. We have around 25 days of trekking behind us and we are looking forward to enjoying the more comfortable parts of life again. Read more…

Down in the dust

The focus rings of our camera lenses are scratching like a late 80s Hip Hop DJ. As already mentioned we did not make it much further north than Tsarang, the former capital of Lho (Upper Mustang). Around Tsarang we focused on shooting and photographing products of our partners. For that we built up a campsite where our big Base Camp tent was almost blown away by heavy winds.  Read more…

Dispatch #3: Entering the Kingdom of Upper Mustang

Mystic Mustang is calling. Check out our latest video of our trek into this ancient kingdom. We are thankful for being here, it is an incomparable feeling of peace. Enjoy!